The Overgrown Landscape

Sometimes life can seem overwhelming.  Today we’re talking about an overwhelming landscape…usually caused by an overwhelming life!  It’s easy to get distraught when you look out your window and see the yard looking like this picture.  Questions pop into your head:  Where do start? What do I keep? Is that poison ivy?  And if you make it past those initial questions, next is the how…Do I have the right equipment? Do I have a way to get rid of the debris? How long will this take?  If you’ve made it this far, now’s the time to call the experts and have a chat about what your project entails.

A qualified Landscape Designer will be able to meet you just where you’re at in the question cycle.  They can easily answer questions: Yes, that is poison ivy!  Start with the herbaceous trimming and then look at the quality of the woodies. Brush & stump killer? Only if you want to damage the pretty redbud!

Qualified Landscape Designers can break down the costs, too: Here are the hours it will take our crew; now you can do a cost-benefit on your time!  Here is the cost per trailer load out, if you’d like to DIY the trimming and don’t have a way to haul off the branches.  After the initial conversation, you have the basis for your project and can be at ease with your decision to DIY or hire the work out.

Another benefit of having a Qualified Landscape Designer on-site is they can help create your landscape vision or make the dream you already have come to life.  Put your mind at ease and make the call today. Bounce your ideas off one of our Qualified Landscape Designers and then you can decide!

 – Blog content provided by Angie Vandersnick. Angie Vandersnick has been with NN for 24 years and loves a good ‘ole cost-benefit analysis on landscapes.

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