BB Trees in BB Beds

Within the verdant tapestries of horticulture, a tale unfolds of nurturing arboreal spirits within the cradle of B&B beds. As the seasons dance, beckoning the planting of a new companion, the manner in which the tree is embraced post-transplantation holds sway over its flourishing in your sanctuary of greenery. Through the ancient art of “Balled and Burlapped”enchantments, where roots are swathed in burlap, cradled in wire baskets, and bound with twine, the tree is readied for its sacred journey. Nestled in the B&B beds, the tree finds solace, embraced by a mantle of mulch to shield it from the caprices of frost and fire, ensuring its vitality.


Though it may seem a labyrinthine ritual for a tree destined for the earth within a year, each step is a symphony of care, ensuring the tree’s seamless integration and resilience against the trials of nature. Rooted in the nurturing embrace of the soil, these B&B trees forge a resilient network to sustain their well-being, weathering the tempests of freezing cold and searing heat in the heartlands of Nebraska. Guided by the wisdom of native soil, these arboreal spirits find kinship in their new abode, harmonizing with the rhythm of the land.

Should curiosity stir your soul or the whispers of landscaping beckon, a sojourn to ‘’ awaits, where the secrets of B&B trees and the art of nurturing green realms await discovery.

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