Digging Dormant Trees

Let’s talk trees!

Picture this: a local tree, plucked from your community, making its grand entrance into your garden—talk about a tree with a story to tell! Why is this tree-trek so crucial? Well, a robust tree can karate-chop diseases, weather tantrums, and pesky pests like a pro. When you plant a tree, it’s like a debutante ball for plants. During this transition, our leafy friend taps into its inner energy reserves, especially during its downtime, relying on a mix of stored mojo and leafy power-ups.

Let’s say you’re all set for a springtime planting spree. A local tree champ, having danced through the seasonal tango of your area, will strut its stuff better than a tree from a distant land. This tree has aced the local boot camp, proving it’s the MVP of our backyard squad. Plus, you get to be the tree whisperer, handpicking your leafy companion amidst a symphony of nature’s tunes in a springtime farm adventure!

Be sure to contact Nebraska Nursery & Color Gardens to find your perfect tree!

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