The Benefits of Compost

There are a lot of things we can do right for our plants. One of the best “multi-taskers” for our plants is compost. Here a few ways your landscape can benefit from compost.


Compost can be made from most organic material(excluding meats, oils, citrus, and dairy) and that is one of the reasons it is so nutritious for your plants. Grass clippings, leaves, vegetable garden scraps, and such can all be used to make compost. Turn the pile once a week or so until it smells earthy and looks like black dirt and you’re done.

Soil Aeration

Vertical composting, which is digging out 2” vertical holes 12” to 18” deep and filling with compost, allows air, water, and nutrients to reach roots. It helps in situations where the soil is compacted and there is plant decline.

Water Retention

Compost has the ability to retain water better than some soils and therefore will help with seed germination on an over-seeded or newly planted lawn or vegetable garden. It will also provide nutrients for the new seedlings.

With all of the benefits of compost, look to supplement your yard or garden this year for a more lush, green landscape.


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