Why Should I Plant Trees?

This can be a topic that most people agree upon but not all act upon. There are many benefits to planting trees including:

Save Money

Deciduous (meaning they lose their leaves in the winter) trees planted in the right location will shade your house in the summer, and let the sun through in the winter. The savings can be dramatic depending on your climate and situation. Here in Nebraska trees are especially helpful because we can be very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.

Mental Health

Studies have shown that being out in nature and around trees can reduce your stress and anxiety.


Trees are an enduring and great way to remember a loved one that has passed.


The simple aspect of the beauty of nature is often overlooked but reason enough to plant a tree. It will bring you awe and enjoyment for years to come.


Trees provide that “upper canopy” layer of vegetation for wildlife that you can’t get from other plants. They help round out the ecosystem in your area to support a wide range of animals.


A well placed tree can be a great multi-tasker. It can provide not only everything else we talked about, but also with privacy that no vinyl fence can match in terms of value for your money.

With all the benefits of trees, why not plant one now for you and for the future? Connect with Color Gardens online or through our social media channels for expert guidance and inspiration.

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