Landscaping Process

Wondering how to start? We make the landscaping process easy to understand and simple to implement.  Generally any landscaping project starts with an initial consultation to determine the project scope and requirements.  Out of this initial meeting preliminary plans, sketches and a budget are developed.  Once the plans are finalized, the actual construction of your new landscape begins.  When the project is finished, landscape and plant care training is discussed.  It’s really that simple.  Of course, should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Landscape Design Options

In-House Sketch/Consultation – This option is great for smaller projects or simply planting individual plants.

For those small areas that you need landscaping advice, we provide a consultation service at our landscape nursery.  This service includes a discussion on what your ideas are about the area, and what will work.

Photos and measurements would be helpful for estimating.

On-Site Consultation

Do you need help identifying plants in your landscape?

We offer professional advice on how to improve your existing landscape and inform you on how to take proper care of your landscape to promote vigorous and healthy looking plants.

For $75 per hour, you can get a handle on your landscape to make it much more enjoyable!

On-Site Sketch

If you are looking to do some landscaping, but need ideas on where to place trees, shrubs, perennials and other landscape necessities, the on-site sketch will be your guide.

$75 is due at the time of the site visit. With this service, you will receive a rough drawing of the area and an organized concept of what the landscape design project would entail.

Detailed Landscape Plan

New construction and extensive renovation projects require on-site evaluation and needs assessment.

The detailed landscape plan begins with an appointment with you and your designer at the landscape site. Ideas are then discussed, based on the area to be landscaped, and concepts that you would like to incorporate in the design.  Our designer then develops a blueprint and estimate for the landscape project.

We offer a full service, start to finish, landscape installation if you need some assistance with your landscaping needs.

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