Marmo Freeman Maple

60’-70’ Tall x 30’-40’ Wide Shade Tree

The Marmo Maple is a tree we are forever commenting on in the Fall! The kaleidoscope of colors ranges from yellow, to red, purple, orange, and burgundy. It’s so striking in part because the leaf doesn’t fully change color at one time. In fact, you can see green and vibrant reds on the same leaf! As Fall proceeds, the leaves change to a golden yellow tipped with red. Of course, season-to-season you may have variations in the fall performance.

Marmo’s come from the Chicagoland Grows® program. They are a freeman maple, i.e., a maple cross with both red and silver blood. The beauty in this cultivar is they have the sturdiness of a red maple’s branch system and yet have a phenomenal growth strength coming from the silver maple’s side. You can see about 2’ of growth per season.

As Marmo matures, you’ll see an upright to rounded form reaching 60’+ tall and 40’ wide. Plant this tree on the South/West side of your home about 20’-30’, away from the foundation for shade during the heat of the season.

This is a well-loved tree in our residential and commercial landscapes because of its growth rate, outstanding fall color, and to top it off…it’s seedless!

One tradition we have is to gather the Marmo Maple leaves as they turn in fall, place them flat in folders between bumwad (yes, it’s a real thing) and place a heavy book on top. When the leaves dry all pretty and multicolored, we string them to sewing floss, attach sparkly beads and hang them from our dining room light as fall decorations. It’s a great project for kids!

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 – Angie Hastreiter, NNCG Landscape Designer

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